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The Wedding Kiss book coverThe Wedding Kiss
by Hannah Alexander
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Against the charming backdrop of 1901 Eureka Springs, Arkansas, one simple kiss draws two people into a discovery that will forever change their lives.

Marriage seems the only option for Keara McBride and Elam Jensen. Her father's gambling problem has left her homeless; his children need a mother's care. But when the Jensens seal their vows at the altar with a kiss, their marriage of convenience suddenly becomes far less convenient. Their first kiss ignites sparks of attraction and leaves them both feeling guilty about betraying the memory of Elam's recently deceased wife--who was also Keara's best friend.

Then a mysteriously injured visitor shows up on the wedding night, threatening to draw them into deadly danger. But does she also hold the key to the Jensens' future happiness?


I just finished The Wedding Kiss and I loved it. I just wanted to let you know I appreciated the intelligence of the book. This book made me slow down and think about the story line, about the history. It tackled something bigger than the story, and I appreciated that a great deal. But know that more than just liking the book, I appreciated it. :-)

Tracy Ruckman

If you’ve been waiting for a wonderful historical romance to sweep you away, then don’t miss The Wedding Kiss by Hannah Alexander. Characters of depth and determination tug at your heart while a mystery unfolds regarding the underlying motives of visitors, relatives and neighbors. Amid the backdrop of God’s unending love for those who seek Him, you’ll discover the beautiful development of love between a hurting man and woman and the children who need them. You’ll be captivated from the first chapter to the final page.

~Judith Miller, best-selling author, A Bond Never Broken

The Wedding Kiss…
Deeply satisfying to even the most diehard romantic, but so much more—characters so real you will consider them friends—a twisting plot that takes you to unexpected places, and an ending that leaves you sighing with pure joy. One of my top reads of this year, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Miralee Ferrell
Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming
4 1/2 Stars Romantic Times Review


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